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Breaking news from New York City!

Aggiornamento: 1 dic 2019

I've just received this beautiful photo from my dear friends David Schroeder and Ellen Colcord. This pic shows our new album that has just arrived today. "Along The Appian Way" - The Music of David Schroeder & Antonio Figura arranged and conducted by Rich Shemaria. On the Cd's cover, you can appreciate a terrific portrait of Ellen during her Italian life. Besides, inside the cd, you will find a very sophisticated paint by Ellen portraying the ancient Appia. So, you have more than one reason to have this CD. David and I would like to thank all the great musicians and engineers who have participated in this work. First of all, Maestro Rich Shemaria, who has conducted and arranged our music in an amazing way. We like to thank Mike Richmond, Lenny White, Paul Brantley, Rachel Golub, Orlando Wells, Victor Schultz, Marc Phaneuf, Billy Drewes, Frank Vacin, Paul Geluso, and Tom Swift for their great work. Thanks

- Soon more info will be available to know where it will be possible to order your copy. Stay tuned!!!


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