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Muro di cemento
Kind and gentle light


The musical meeting between the musicians Antonio Figura, Massimiliano Rolff and Lucrezio de Seta seals an inspired and original musical creation. 

The common improvisational vision and the symbiotic dialogue free the three Italian musicians from the heavy burdens of tradition, projecting their music into a new and still unexplored dimension. 

The common compositional vision of the three, in search of the expression of their musical soul, returns hypnotic musical frescoes, often slowed down, in which the space designs the depth of the care of the sound, restoring to listening the true weight of every single intervention, in a common and close-knit balance of spontaneous shared creativity.


Kind And Gentle Light (2023)

It is with great pleasure that I present David Schroeder's EP "A Kind And Gentle Light", featuring myself on piano and Michael Fitzpatrick on cello. Recorded in New York City last July, this music is dedicated to those who wish to breathe in a peaceful world.

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