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Musicians are people who tasted the juice of life at that crystalline moment where they let their creative spirit out and touched someone else's heart. At that moment they were closer to magic, God, and perfection than anyone else could have. In their hearts, they know that devote to that moment is worth more than a thousand whole lives.


Been Here and Gone on Jazzit Record

The Music of David Schroeder & Antonio Figura

The album "Been Here And Gone", published in the USA by ComboNuvo Records,is now available in Italy on Jazzit Records. 
It is possible to receive the CD along with the Jazzit Magazine, where, among the other things, you will find an interview we did with Sergio Pasquandrea and a guide for listening written by Dave and myself.


Carla Bley & Steve Swallow

Dave Schroeder and Antonio Figura make music of extraordinary poise and balance, in which they explore the meaning of “song.”  First, this music sings, passionately. Melodies abound, and breath rules.  These two breathe together; Antonio’s artful use of the pedal pushes the piano to inhale and exhale with Dave’s parlando lines.  Second, there is everywhere in this recording a careful consideration of song form - of ways its history, as embodied by an honorable list of practitioners from Puccini to Porter - is filled with stirring, evocative stories.  The music on this recording is story-telling music, music replete with the atmosphere of mythic tales spun at night, out of doors.  It invites you to recapture the kind of listening you did as a child, when music first grabbed you and transported you to worlds you hadn’t imagined.

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"Virtuoso pianist, eclectic, lyrical and versatile, his music combines with great sensitivity the tradition of European and Afro-American music.

(The Italian Jazz Dictionary by Flavio Caprera published by Feltrinelli).

"Antonio has a definite personality and his piano playing has characteristics very defined.”

​(Piacentino - Musica Jazz Magazine)

"In his aesthetic world, there are Paul Bley's influences, who is perhaps the most obvious reference, Bill Evans and, further back, up to Teddy Wilson. Great masters who he knew to internalize to build a personal style. His pages are well laid out, with a great sense of space." 

(Gerlando Gatto - A proposito di Jazz)

"Antonio knows how to exploit the dynamic qualities of the piano, and he honors the space between the notes.

He's achieved a truly timeless trio sound that really gives your imagination space to wander." 

(Soweto Kinch)

"Beautiful sounds from pianist Antonio Figura, a player who's got a great sense of space, and who really knows how to keep us waiting breathlessly for each new note! Figura's definitely of the Bill Evans school, but also has a more modern approach too, one that draws from a real 21st Century take on jazz piano, that sense of flow and almost blocks of sound that we love..." 

(Dusty Groove America)


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